Littlemore rubgy football club in oxford is a fully accessible social club. we are proud to say we have a disable toilet equity with a doc M pack and an alarm cord for emergencies. We have low threshold enter to the club and all areas of the social club.

Gaining access to the pitch

Because we use the pitches of the oxford academy we dictated to by them when it comes to getting to pitch. there is 6-7 steps up to the oxford academy where we have installed a hand rail to help people gain access and have a grass verge that ramps up to the same level. Although is not the easiest way for a wheelchair users to gain access it is still possible and please ask anyone of our friendly team at the bar that will be happy to help you get up there.

From the steps its plan sailing and all down hill on tarmac until you hit the last 50 yards which is grass….. again sorry we have no control over the oxford academy grounds. but just yell out or let us know at the bar (they will call down) and we will get someone to help you…… its not as if we dont have enough berly rugby players that could lend a hand