Much like our match on Saturday, and for reasons which will become clear, this report shall be brief!

Excellent rugby weather welcomed us to our first home match of the season, against one of the larger clubs in the area. A spirited start was made by both sides, with physical encounters all across the pitch. Chinnor showed good ability to stretch our defensive line, though were met with strong covering tackles when they did break through.

As the first half wore on, Chinnor were finding holes more often. Clearly they have been practicing their set pieces as one try was run in from a backs play behind a scrum and another from the front of the lineout.

In spite of these setbacks, we were able to make ground up the pitch by keeping the ball tight. Several times we fell agonisingly short of the line and were repelled. Though no reward was found, we demonstrated our ability in attack and will surely find our way over the try line throughout the season.

Unfortunately, just before half time a nasty leg injury was incurred by a Chinnor player as they broke on the right wing. Play had to be stopped while medical personal were fetched; with both sides cooling down in the meantime the game was called off and we headed to the sheds.

We look forward to the return fixture and our first full home match!

Final Score

Match cancelled

Man of the Match

The Chinnor player who has a long road back to playing again. Best of luck to him.