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Buy your membership for Littlemore Rugby Club right here by clicking on the drop down box and pay via paypal 

Paypal is only availible for exsisting members. if you are a new member please do not use paypal, we cannot gaurentee a refund will be given 
Please note that prices below are for 2022-2023 AND MAYBE SUJECT TO CHANGE FROM AUGUST 2023 
All new members must complete the application form below and someone will get back to you about joining up 

Fully playing member £70 

Non playing member £30  (this discounted to £20 until the end of September)

Affiliated member £10 

Minis playing member £70  (please note that this comes with a single adult membership as well )

Additional playing minis £40  

All prices are for 1 years memebership from September to august 

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New members

If you are new to the club and would like to become a member, you will need to come visit us whilst we are open (check the “social club page” for opening hours)

We are happy to greet new people to Littlemore rugby club however as a social club we have strict rules to abide by when it comes to inducting new members 

You will be able to get an application form from behind the bar. All new members will need to be proposed and seconded by current members in order to join the club. This all starts by coming along and having a chat 

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